Valiant advertising through the years 1960 - 1970

Below are links to various advertising brochures and road tests from the period of these vehicles. The quality may be somewhat grainy for some of the items because they are mostly screen shots from what I have found on the internet.

The links with .swf extensions are ebooks and you can move through the pages by clicking the corner or clicking and holding the corner and dragging the page.

If one of the posters, articles or brochures takes your fancy, then it may be available to buy on ebay or one of the clubs sites if you do a search for it.



Story.swf Story

The Story of Valiant is a sales Chrysler brochure introducing its new range of "compact cars"

Kid-Brother.swf Kid-Brother.pdf "Nobody's Kid Brother" a drive report feature on the 1960 Valiant - from Special Interest Autos #144, November/December 1994 
21ways.swf 21ways.pdf 21 WAYS you'll like Valiant best! Chrysler Australia sales brochure highlighting the features of the new Valiant range over its competitors.
  Kid-Poster.pdf "Nobody's Kid Brother" Chrysler advertising poster expressing 25 ways you will like Valiant.
SAad.swf SAad.pdf Three Valiant adverts from South America
  Bibtsoyp.pdf Valiant, King of the compacts
  Mrs. Murphy's Valiant Who took the overhaul out of Mrs. Murphy's Valiant
  Valiant Gets Better Valiant gets better
  66 Valiant  1966 Valiant range
  Valiant Popularity Valiant popularity means more than a rising sales curve
  One easy step up VALIANT . . . . one easy step up
  Public envy No:1 Public envy No: 1
  Even the paint is hot Even the paint is hot
  Little red riding hood Little red riding hood - Chapter 2
  The clean machine Hemi Pacer; The clean machine, for all the right reasons.
  Mark of Quality This is today's mark of Quality . . . It means even more on Valiant and Hunter
  Step up to Valiant Make the change for good . . . step up to Valiant!

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