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The list below gives you links to Valiant clubs. If you know of a club which is not listed please email us us so we can include the details.

New South Wales


Club / Forum Background

R & S Series Valiant Club Logo

R&S Series Valiant Club N.S.W

The club is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of those fine examples of automotive design and styling prowess - the 1962 VALIANTS.

The Club has been around since 1978, and is open to owners of original or modified vehicles. club membership is around 60, and comprises Q,R and S Series Valiants, and also Dodge Lancers of the same period - 1960-62.

Chrysler Club NSW logo Chrysler Club NSW The Chrysler Restorers Club is based in Sydney and was founded in 1973 by a group of enthusiasts and lovers of Chrysler products with the aim to promote the restoration and use of all Chrysler products.

The club holds regular meetings at the Veteran Car Club Hall 134 Queens Rd Five Dock NSW Starting at 8 pm on the third Tuesday of every month.

New members and visitors are always welcome to any meeting night or club event, so why not come along and join in with a group of Chrysler enthusiasts.
Chrysler and Valiant Owners Association logo

Chrysler and Valiant Owners Association

The Chrysler and Valiant Owners Association Limited is a social club dedicated to the preservation, restoration and promotion of Chrysler vehicles. Our Family Friendly Club bring us together for one reason and that is sharing our passion for these truly spectacular cars.

Regals Mopar Car Club logo

The Regals Mopar Car Club

The Regals Mopar Car Club Inc is a Sydney based club for Mopar fans with a passion for all pre-1981 Australian and American Chryslers, Valiants, Dodges and Plymouths. The club is designed to gather people to share the passion, promote camaraderie, help out newcomers, go on cruises, picnic days, charity fund raising events and car shows.

Valiant Information logo

Valiant Information

Preserving the history of Chryslers in Australia the National Register and Reference Centre (Valiant - Centura - Galant - Hillman - PT Cruiser). With access to over a ¼ Million vehicle records we're Australia's largest independent register.

Queensland R & S Valiant Car Club Inc logo Queensland R & S Valiant Car Club Inc

The Queensland R & S Valiant Car Club Inc. was founded in 1987 and currently has about 120 members spread throughout Queensland with some in N.S.W. and one in New Zealand.

The club is a family based club with the emphasis on providing members with interesting club runs and supplying spare parts plus advice when needed. As the membership is widely dispersed throughout Queensland our meetings are held during the club runs with those members attending being the ones who decide our program for the year. These meetings are most informal and so if your thing is raising Points of Order or Amendments to Motions - then maybe this is not the club for you. Our emphasis is on fellowship and fun.

East Coast Chrysler Cruizers logo

East Coast Chrysler Cruizers

Our club was formed and incorporated in November, 2001, when a number of us decided to form a club. Starting with 7 members, some with partners, our club now has approximately 35 members plus their partners, and growing strong.

We get together on a Saturday or Sunday, once a month. Our meetings are held on the club run, rather than being held on a separate day or night. This saves on cost and travel as our members are based from Gympie to Rockhampton. During the year we endeavour to hold 1 or 2 home runs which give all members the opportunity to attend.

Chrysler Owners Club of Queensland Inc logo

Chrysler Owners Club of Queensland Inc

Formed in 1988, the aim of the Chrysler Owners Club of Queensland Inc is to encourage the restoration, preservation, modification* and use of most model Chryslers.

 Queensland Chryslers logo


The Queensland Chrysler Association was formed in 1984 and has steadily grown into one of the largest and most active Chrysler clubs in Queensland. Throughout the year the club has cruises, participates in motorsport events, attends show and shines as well as barbecue get togethers. The club meetings are held on the club run's and are usually brief. Decision's relating to the club are voted on by the member's at the meetings and decided by the majority. Anyone with a genuine interest in Chrysler's is welcome to join as the club has the full range of vehicles.
Chrysler Club Victoria logo

Chrysler Club Victoria

The Chrysler Restorers club was started after a meeting held on Saturday 22nd of November 1975. This meeting was in response to an advertisement placed by the club's first president, Mr Ron Coombes.

R & S Club Victoria logo

R & S Club Victoria

The objectives of the club are to cultivate and promote an interest in R and S Series Chrysler Valiant Cars. Encourage family and social participation in all club activities. Assist and encourage members in the maintenance and restoration of their cars. Promote the club and liaise with other classic car clubs who have similar aims and interests.

Central Victorian Chrysler Club logo

Central Victorian Chrysler Club

Central Victorian Chrysler Club was formed in June 2005 as a social club. Since then we have become an Associated Club and currently have over 50 financial members. We try to arrange a club run every month, often to an organised event such as a swap meet or car show. Our club is open to new members with a passion for the preservation and restoration of all marques of Chrysler vehicles, both cars and commercial, old and new, be it a 1920s vintage or a shiny new 300C. Visitors are always welcome on club runs or at monthly meetings.
South Australia
Chysler Restorers Club of Australia logo

Chysler Restorers Club of Australia

Welcome to the home page of the Chrysler Restorer's Club of Australia, South Australia Inc. We are the largest club in South Australia for enthusiasts interested in Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, De Soto, Imperial, Maxwell, Fargo and Graham Brothers vehicles. We respect and welcome restored or original vehicles of all other marques, especially those that have been amalgamated into the Chrysler fold, such as Jeep, Rambler, Nash, Hudson, Terraplane, Essex, Jeffrey and Lafayette.

Western Australia
Technical maintenance logo Charger Club of W.A. The "Charger Club Of WA INC" is open to all enthusiasts that have an interest in any Chrysler products. The club currently has around 200 members and conducts monthly club events and meetings. Cars in the club range from as early as 'R' Series Valiants through to CM Chryslers and various American models including American Chargers, Challengers and 'Cudas. We also cater for new Chryslers such as the 300C, Neons, PT Cruisers and Jeeps if that's your preference. The club was established in 1996 as a Charger only concern, which was changed shortly after. This is the only club in Western Australia catering for all forms of the Chrysler Marque.
  The R&S Series Valiant Car Club of Australia The "R & S Series Valiant Car Club of Australia". Located in Perth, Western Australia, is a group of enthusiasts that maintain, restore and enjoy the 1960, 61, 62 Chrysler Valiant and the 1961-62 Dodge Lancer vehicles. The club holds monthly meetings, has vehicle runs around the city and outskirts and puts on workshop days to help keep the cars on the road and share knowledge about the vehicles. Membership to the club ranges from people in their 20s to their late 70s. The club promotes a family atmosphere and encourages people from all walks of life to attend. We understand that monthly meetings are not for everybody and encourage people to attend the various days out and about with the club runs.

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