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To ensure correct maintenance, service or repair of your vehicle it is recommended that a reputable manual is used so that correct setting, torques etc. are used so that parts are dis-assemble and reassemble properly to give maximum service life and will be correctly removed and re-installed on the vehicle.

Below are some samples of manuals for the Valiant range of vehicles from 1962 - 1970. These are reproduced from manuals collected over years of searching.

Unfortunately due to the age of the vehicles the quality of manuals collected often turned out to be poor copies of copies and made it difficult to search them quickly and the content was often blurred.

The poor quality of the maunals prompted a need to reproduce them so that they are a useful reference tool. Imagine being able to bring the Illustrated Parts Catalogue with you to the parts provider so you can show or discuss the actual part, or you can open the workshop manual on your phone when talking to someone about a repair to get advice?

The manuals are now indexed and can be searched using a click of the mouse, or through an advanced word search facility bult into the manual. The manuals have been optimised for use on PC, MAC or even handheld devices (smart phones) and tablets. Details of the support software (all of which is free to download) is provided in the user guide.

Full versions of the manuals can be purchased by emailing your request for a specific manual and paying through PayPal. Once payment is recieved the manual is availabe by download.

Here you can sample the reworked and improved versions of the manuals. Please read the User Guide before trying the sample manuals.

User Guide Cover   AP5 - AP6 Manual Cover  

Sample file with access to Sections 1 & 2

If you experience difficulties using the sample manual on the web, save the sample file to your desk top and then run from there.

  Manuals availabe:

•  AP5 - AP6 Workshop/Service Manual

•  VF Workshop/Service Manual
    Coming soon;

•  Valiant 1962 - 1970 Illustrated Parts Catalogue
Manuals (PC/MAC) = AU$ 20:00      
Manuals (IOS) = AU$ 16:00      
Maunals (Andriod) = AU$ 14:00   Find other manuals here  
Manuals (PC/MAC + IOS/And) = AU$ 25:00      
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