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  Wheel alignment and its effect on tyre wear. The story of wheel alignment and tire wear book cover
  The fundamentals of the automobile electrical system. Volts, amperes, ohms, starting motors and solenoids. Use of voltmeter and ammeter to check various electrical systems. Facts about volts, amps and ohms book cover
  How to service and adjust the generator charging system. SPECIAL - Reference to the generator regulator book cover
  The braking system. Master cylinder and wheel cylinders. The ABC's of hydraulic brakes book cover
  Brake lining and drum service. Aligning and brake relining brake shoes book cover
  Fundamentals of carburetion. Carburetor repairs and adjustments. The story of the carburetor book cover
  How driver's habits affect gasoline mileage. Fuel economy through planned driving book cover
  All the factors of engine service that affect fuel economy. Engine power & economy book cover
  Fundamentals of cooling system operation and service procedures for the radiator, water pump and thermostat. Taking the heat off the cooling system book cover
  Trouble-shooting the starting system. Starting motor and battery. Off to a good start book cover
  How the oiling system functions... recognizing the causes of low oil pressure. The inside story of engine oiling book cover
  Traces the power flow through the clutch and explains its operation - contains complete rebuilding information. The ins and outs of clutch operation book cover
  SPECIAL - Covering the automatic transmission   The hydraulically operated transmission, how it works book cover
  SPECIAL - Covering diagnostics of automatic transmissions   Diagnosing the hydraulically operated transmission book cover

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