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  How to interpret tyre treads and diagnose the various causes of tyre wear. Tracking down tire wear book cover
  One of two sessions covering servicing of the standard 3-speed transmission, this first session explains the fundamentals and how to recognize troubles in the standard 3-speed transmission. Transmission fundamentals book cover
  Two of two sessions covering servicing of the standard 3-speed transmission, this session deals with disassembling, inspecting parts, reassembly, and maintaining proper clearances, etc.   Trouble-shooting in the transmission book cover
  Explains the function of the front coil springs, control arms, sway bar, shock absorbers, rear springs and shackles and how to track down noises, diagnose other service problems.   Service tips on suspension system book cover
  One of two sessions dealing with the fundamentals of the differential and explaining how to disassemble and inspect axle parts. Rear axle fundamentals book cover
  Two of two sessions dealing primarily with the differential inspection and build-up procedure to get proper tooth contact also includes information concerning the use of new rear axle pinion and ring gear setting gauge.   Rear axle adjustment book cover
  Covers the fundamentals of the hydraulic transmission used in Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler cars.. How the hydraulically operated transmission operates book cover
  This session covers how to fit doors, hood and luggage compartment lids. Body fitting facts book cover
  Explains how to water test and service all body seals.   Body seals book cover
  Explains the operation of valves and camshaft and lists possible causes of valve failure and corrections as well as service tips helpful in valve servicing.   Valve ups and downs book cover
  Covers how to track down steering difficulties and how to make steering gear adjustments and repairs.   Back Button Icon

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