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  Special release dealing with customer service and dealer attitude.  
  An explanation of all the types of lubricants required and where and how to adequately lubricate.   Lubrication book cover
  Explains all the factors contributing to brake noise, shoe adjustments and alignment and how vibration caused by looseness results in noise.   Brake shoe adjustment and alignment book cover
  Covers the operation and servicing procedures of the oil gauge, fuel gauge, speedometer, ammeter, etc.   Gauges book cover
  Explains the where and how of all of the adjustments (Doors, windows and top) that can be performed on the convertible club coupe bodies.   Convertable tops book cover
  Nine unusual service problems "front wheel bearings", "road splash", "clutch and brake pedal rubber seals", "carburettor air cleaner", "carburettor idle restrictions", "water pump end play", "heater defroster valve" and "carburettor accelerator pump" Unusual cases book cover
  A look at seven unusual service problems "Clutch linkage", "oil pump pressure relief valve", "oil pump discharge pipe", "left rear engine mount", "floor pan strainer", "shifting into low and reverse", and the "automatic choke".   All in a day's work book cover
  Explains the operation of the pressure-type cooling system and discusses factors contributing to instrument panel noises a suggestion for eliminating brake squeaks and servicing procedure for two types of deck lid locking handles. Fixin' facts book cover
  Looks at ignition requirements of the modern high-compression engine, with special reference to the resistor-type spark plug and gives procedure for testing ignition system. Ignition servicing book cover
  A detailed trouble-shooting procedure for diagnosing and correcting difficulties in the hydraulic transmission used by Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler cars plus service information on the internal-expanding parking brake.   Hydraulic transmission maintenance book cover

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