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  Giving servicing tips on new car preparation, how to use the new inspection form and service coupons. Also provides an explanation of the new owner's service certificate and benefits to mechanics and dealers.   Your new service plan for 51 book cover
  Features of the Oriflow shock absorbers, changes in the hydraulically operated transmission, and servicing information on the automatic choke used by DeSoto and Chrysler cars. A close look at the 51's book cover
  Service information on the new one-and-two piece type self-locking windscreen weatherstrips, how to remove and install windshield glass, and information on the external and internal by-pass cooling systems.   Windshield service book cover
  Trouble-shooting information and guide on electrically and vacuum-operated windshield wiper motors, including vital facts on windshield wiper arms, blades and links.   Windshield wipers book cover
  Provides helpful information on car painting, care of new enamel paint work and conditions to observe, with suggestions on preserving the cars appearance.   The paint story book cover
  This session covers checking a dead radio, tracing causes of radio interference and information on installing and adjusting a radio. It includes radio service suggestions that any mechanic can perform to help increase owner satisfaction. Automotive radio service book cover
  An informative, valuable discussion of the new Chrysler V-8 engine features, including how to service hydraulic valve tappets, plus servicing tips on ignition and carburettor.   FirePower engine facts book cover
  Carburettor design features, diagnosis, repairs and adjustment of the various carburettor circuits, in addition, timely tips concerning the kickdown and limit switch and the dashpot.   FirePower carburettor adjustment book cover
  Discussion of general ignition theory plus the procedures for testing and adjusting the V-8 engine distributor, the use of scientific testing is emphasised. Chrysler V-8 engine distributor book cover
  Providing information on locating water leaks and sealing the body, and Hood, fender door, and decklid adjustments are also thoroughly covered.   Body service adjustments book cover
  Trouble-shooting items correcting conditions in the hydraulically operated transmission, manually operated transmission brake shoe alignment, stop light switch installation, engine mounts, and Oriflow shock absorbers.   Transmission, brakes, shock absorber tips book cover
  An explanation of how a torque converter works. Also explains the fluid circulation in the converter system, and covers servicing the integral oil pump. Also covers removal and installation operations, and diagnosis of service conditions. Fluid-torque drive book cover

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