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  Explains of the components of the power steering units, and how it operates. Covers diagnosis of operating conditions which can be adjusted without removing the unit from the car.   Hydraulic power steering (operation and diagnosis) book cover
  Maintenance, complete disassembly, assembly and final adjusting procedures of the hydraulic power steering unit.   Hydraulic power steering (maintenance) book cover
  Five service items, with diagnosis of unusual operating conditions and their correction. "Electric windshield wipers", "the follow thru starter drive", "improved clutch disc", "clutch linkage adjustment" & "manifold heat control valve".   Servicing tips book cover
  Provides an explanation of power transmission through a planetary gear set; detailed operation of the overdrive unit when in direct drive and in overdrive. Explains the operation of the electrical system of the overdrive unit.   Automatic overdrive (operation) book cover
  Contains trouble-shooting information applying to the electrical system and explains the function of each unit in the overdrive electrical system, and discusses the Control Circuit, Solenoid Circuit and Ignition Interruption Circuit in detail.   Automatic overdrive (controls) book cover
  Complete disassembly and assembly procedures applying to the overdrive unit, with service tips and guidance on inspection of parts.   Automatic overdrive (maintenance) book cover
  Contains tips on universal joint and propeller shaft service diagnosis, complete disassembly and assembly procedures, with lubrication information and explains the function of the universal joint - both kinds.   Universal joints and propeller shafts book cover
  The Engine-Fed Torque Converter, this converter differs because oil supply is received from the engine oil pump. Explains the fluid circulation system, removal and installation operations, disassembly & assembly and normal service.   Fluid torque drive book cover
  Diagnosis of operating conditions of the Eight-cylinder carburettor, troubleshooting stiffness in gear shifting on the three-speed transmission, proper servicing of the car seat cushion and seat back.   Up-to-the-minute service tips book cover
  A description of the features of the Dodge V-8 engine including detailed information about the ignition system, the periods of oil changing and of oil filter service. The Red Ram V-Eight engine book cover
  This session covers procedure for adjusting the box type & strap type door hinges and door alignment. It also covers the steps to follow when adjusting hood and deck lid alignment. Describes the extent of the integral fender and rear quarter panel on 1953 model cars.   1953 Body service book cover

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