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  Explains the precautions necessary when installing a new seal, and emphasizes the importance of using the correct seal for a specific application and describes the various types of oil and grease seals used throughout the car.   Oil and grease seals book cover
  Steering irregularities traced to improper alignment of steering gear and column; adjusting hydraulically operated transmission selector levers; gasoline leakage at filler neck; sealing luggage compartment floor pan.   Steering alignment and gear shifting book cover
  This session looks at the types of hydraulic tappets and diagnosis of operating conditions, discusses factors affecting battery performance, and announces the new generator pulley for Plymouth cars to increase generator output during cold weather.   Hydraulic tappets - battery performance book cover
  Provides a detailed explanation of the composition of the fuel-air mixture used in gasoline engines and covers the formation of products of combustion, their effect on engine performance, and measures taken to minimize acid and sludge formation in the crankcase.   The story of combustion book cover
  Looks at and describes and operation of the engine-fed torque converter and the three-speed transmission which make up Hy-Drive. Covers maintenance operations, and tips on driving the car.   Plymouth HY-Drive book cover
  Discusses the atomic theory as applied to automotive electricity and covers the use of test ammeters and voltmeters, and recommended procedures for testing starting and generating circuits.   Electrical Fundamentals book cover
  Covers detailed procedure for testing for water and dust leaks and discusses the types of sealers used throughout the body to seal joints, seams and how to attach rubber weather-strips.   Sealing the body book cover
  Provides an explanation of magnetism and its relation to automotive electrical units and explains the operation of the generator, starting motor, relays and solenoids, and gives testing procedures.   Magnetism and electricity book cover
  An explanation of SAE viscosity number interpretation, with the new A.P.I. classification of oils explained in terms of selecting the proper oil for a specific operating condition.   The engine oil story book cover
  A complete description of the power steering unit as used on Plymouth and Dodge cars and an explanation of how it works, and gives maintenance operations and a complete diagnosis chart.   Power steering book cover
  Driving instructions applicable to cars equipped with the PowerFlite transmission. Complete adjusting instructions covering the gearshift and accelerator pedal linkage, throttle pressure, and the kickdown and reverse bands.   Powerflite automatic transmission (controls) book cover
  Explains of the operation of the planetary gears and gives a step-by-step build-up of the planetary gears used in the PowerFlite transmission, and traces the power flow through the transmission in the different gear ranges.   Powerflite automatic transmission (mechanical operation) book cover

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