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  Contains basic description of a spool valve, and how it operates. Describes the valves used in the PowerFlite transmission, and explains the oil flow through the transmission for the different gear ranges.   PowerFlite automatic transmission (hydraulic operation) book cover
  Discusses the box-type "L"-mounted strap type and the "U"-mounted strap-type door hinges and gives instructions for shifting hinges to correct door alignment. Also covers body shimming to correct door alignment.   Door alignment book cover
  Explains the causes of tire thump and how to identify it and what to do about it. Also discusses the causes of high-speed car shake and how to correct it. Gives detailed instructions for balancing wheels and tires, and for balancing brake drums.   Tyres and Wheels book cover
  How to diagnose irregular shift operation and provides detailed instructions for checking hydraulic pressure line pressure, throttle pressure and governor pressure. Tells how to remove and install the governor.   PowerFlite automatic transmission maintenance book cover
  Covering the design and construction of the Coaxial-type Power Steering unit; its operation during right and left turns; lubrication instructions.   Power Steering (Coaxial Type) book cover
  Contains an explanation of the principles of air conditioning, and describes the application of the system units to the automobile. Gives diagnosis and maintenance procedures.   Airtemp Air Conditioning book cover
  This session explains the construction and operation of the power brake unit and contains service diagnosis and repair procedure. Power Brakes book cover
  Discusses differences between pre-ignition and detonation and explains the causes of each condition. Look at the importance of spark plug selection and ignition timing and its relation to inaudible pre-ignition.   Preigntion and detonation book cover
  This session provides a detailed description of the integral type automatic choke and its operation and maintenance as used with the V-8 engines. Also contains description, operation and maintenance of the manifold heat control valve.   Automatic choke and heat control valve book cover
  Describes the construction and operation of the hydraulic valve tappets used in the V-8 engines. Covers diagnosis of operating conditions and importance of engine lubrication.   Hydraulic tappet service book cover
  This session describes the new features of the 1955 models with gives maintenance and adjustment for door handles, transmission lever linkage, clutch & brake pedals, door hinges & rear deck lid torsion bar. Also gives puncture repair procedure for tubeless tyres.   Service tips for '55 book cover
  This session has instructions for removal and installation of the curved windshield and rear window, with illustrations of the sections of chrome mouldings. Also covers removal and installation instructions applying to the replacement of headlining.   Windshield and headlinings service book cover

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