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  This session describes the four-barrel carburetor systems, operation of the throttle valves and the automatic choke linkage. It provides complete instructions for the adjustment of float level, metering rods, choke unloader and engine idle speed. The four-barrel carburettor book cover
  This book and film outlines the procedures necessary for the replacement of all oil seals and "O" rings and gives complete instructions for adjusting backlash, worm shaft bearings and the control valve. Servicing the 1955 coaxial power steering unit book cover
  This session gives the procedures for adjusting the rear quarter windows of the two-door hard-top body models. It also gives instructions for aligning the convertible top and details the adjusting points necessary for this purpose. 1955 Body service suggestions book cover
  Part one of two a diagnosis-type presentation of the conditions affecting powerflite transmission smooth upshift performance. It covers the procedures for setting engine normal and fast-idle speeds, testing and adjusting hydraulic pressures, and adjusting the kickdown and reverse bands. PowerFlite automatic transmission maintenance book cover
  Part two of two, covering the conditions which affect smooth downshift performance and giving detailed explanations of the function of the servo restrictor valve and instructions for correcting the downshift pattern. PowerFlite Transmission maintenance - downshift pattern book cover
  Guidance on sealing the body against water and dust leaks. Special information on the flipper over the door of two-door hard-top models, cars equipped with power-operated window lifts, etc. Body sealing tips book cover
  Tips and hints for upholstery cleaning, with reference to the types of upholstery materials and their reactions to cleaning agents. Provides a ready reference chart of types of stains and methods of cleaning and the cleaning agent to use. Beauty - inside and out cover
  Contains a description of the standard air conditioning system how it works and the function of each unit in the system and has a diagnosis and maintenance section to cover every day operating conditions. Keeping your customers cool book cover
  Details the engine cooling system on the V-8 engine with a special reference to the pressure cap and thermostat and has a table of cooling system capacities and amount of anti-freeze needed for varying degrees. The V-8 pressure cooling system book cover
  A general trouble-shooting guidance of unusual operating conditions affecting "PowerFlite", "Power Steering", "Carburettor" and "Fuel Gauge" service. Hydraulic tappet service book cover
  This session introduces construction and operation description of the new centre-plane brake with adjusting instructions. Also contains diagnosis and corrective procedures applying to the fixed-anchor type of brake. The new center-plane brake book cover
  This session cover the electrical system and checking testing of the push-button transmission control system. The 12-Volt electrical system . . . and PowerFlite push-button control book cover

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