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  This session covers a review of door adjustments on the 4-door sedan models. It provides good information on how to adjust the doors and window glass on the new 4-door hardtop model. Door and window adjustments 1956 models book cover
  The new Torqueflite which applies to all 1956 - 1964 push-button-operated Mopars – this session gives the theory behind operation, and all sorts of useful tips for adjusting linkages and cables. The 3-speed automatic transmission book cover
  This session references the new 277 cubic-inch Hy-Fire V-8 engine and provides authoritative facts on the new features, servicing suggestions and other tips for servicing this engine. The new Plymouth V-8 engine book cover
  This session covers the modifications and improvements in the PowerFlite transmission and the Coaxial Power Steering. It provides tips and service information where the changes affect service. Latest tips on PowerFlite and power steering service book cover
  Looks at the factors affecting smooth idle and troubleshooting the problems associated with carburettors. Carburetor service book cover
  Develops an understanding of the nature of automotive vibrations, how to conduct a test to pinpoint their causes and outlines some of the corrective steps to take. It provides a good source of reference to understand the difference between chassis vibrations and engine vibrations in Chrysler products. Vibration diagnosis book cover
  This session deals with the basic checks that should be made anytime a car comes in for air conditioning related issues. There is a section with further tests that can be carried out when it becomes necessary to service the refrigeration part of the system. Air-conditioning service book cover
  This session looks at general servicing for the "PowerFlite transmission", "Coaxial Power Steering" and "Center-Plane Brakes". PowerFlite, Power Steering and Brake servicing book cover
  This session explains how you can improve defrosting whenever necessary and details how to service the heater system. Heater and Defroster service book cover
  Introducing the improvements in the 1957 models, the session covers the new front suspension, Torque-Flite improvements, some new engine features, the new heater and air conditioning system and headlamp arrangement. New features of the 1957 cars book cover
  Covers how to replace one of the Full-View Wrap-Around windshields, or the rear window, and explains door lock and glass adjustments in a step-by-step guide. 1957 Glass and Door service book cover
  Gives service facts how on the Electrical system, the new Ammeter, Fuel Gauge and the improved Power Steering Pump. Service tips on '57 cars book cover

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