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  This reference material introduces the latest tips on adjusting 1957-model doors so they will look, work, and seal their best. Door Adjustments 1957 models book cover
  This reference book provides suggestions on good sealing practices whenever it is required to check body sealing '57 cars. Body Sealing '57 cars book cover
  This session provides information for maintaining sleeve-type power steering pump performance and how to keep Total-Contact brakes at their best. Service tips: Sleeve-type power steering pump and Total-Contact brakes book cover
  This session covers the Torque-Flite transmission and recent improvements and changes to service procedures. Torque-Flite Transmission Service book cover
  This reference material covers the 1957 Air-Conditioning System. It covers operation of the controls, how they should be checked, and outlines a general performance test that will help isolate any area in need of correction. 1957 Air Conditioning service book cover
  This session provides a complete rundown on important drive-line parts, how they do their job, and how to adjust working angles when they're not within specified limits. Propeller Shaft and Universal Joint Service book cover
  Good body service on the part of the dealer will go a long way towards keeping the Suburbans in good appearance and performance. Some of the things you should know about these bodies are covered in this reference book.   Suburban Body Service Tips book cover
  The session looks at making window and lock corrections to ensure smooth operation. Some of the things you should know about these adjustments are covered in this reference book.   Hardtop Adjustment - windows and locks book cover
  This reference material outlines useful tips on automotive electricity, plus suggestions on how to locate difficulty in any of the circuits.   Automotive Electricity book cover
  Here's an introduction to 1958 model features along with how the service procedures are affected.   A look at 1958 Features book cover
  The new Constant-Control, Full-Time Power Steering Gear was the latest word in power steering design. This book provides information about this newest steering gear and the new parts involved, tells how the unit operates, and ends with service procedures that will help you if you have occasion to service the unit.   Constant-Control Power Steering book cover
  The new AFB-carburettor that is easy to clean, adjust, or service.   The new AFB carburettor book cover

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