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  Maintenance of the Sure-Grip differential isn't difficult when you have familiarity with the new parts, their removal, reassembly, operation, diagnosis, and correction when necessary. All that plus a helpful section on conventional differential operation is spelled out for you in this reference book. Sure-Grip Differential book cover
  This reference book covers what's new on 1958 air conditioning. Improvements are outlined, operation is reviewed, and certain tests you should make when performance is questioned are spelled out. Air Conditioning Service 1958 book cover
  This Reference Book is devoted to the recent improvements and service procedures applicable to the manually operated transmission and you'll find some information devoted to recent improvements in the TorqueFlite transmission. Transmission Maintenance book cover
  This reference book goes into the various conditions which affect brake performance and what to do when brakes need attention. Brake Service book cover
  This reference book goes into various service conditions which affect performance and how to correct faults with the engine cooling, the sure-grip differential, power steering and carburettor. Power Steering and Carburettor service book cover
  You'll find information here regarding which on-the-car tests to use, how and when to use them, and some corrections that may be needed. Electrical Test book cover
  To help you organize a preventive maintenance inspection procedure this reference book explains what to check, as well as why, and how to do it. Long Trip Get-Ready Service book cover
  This session presents a new approach to TorqueFlite diagnosis and maintenance designed to help keep the unit operating at its best. Basic adjustments are covered, along with new diagnosis tips that you'll find useful in your TorqueFlite work. TorqueFlite Service tips book cover
  The new 1959 models, known as the "M" Series, made their debut in September 1958. There's was a lot that was new-and this reference book just covered highlights giving a quick preview of features. 1959 Model features book cover
  Information outlined in this reference book will help you put your best foot forward during your pre-delivery opportunities. New Car Predelivery Service book cover
  The 1959 models had a new heating system, this Reference Book explains how it operates, and gives some trouble-shooting information that will be helpful. The information covers the conventional hot water heating systems, the heating part of the heating and air-conditioning system, and the gasoline heater. 1959 Car Heating System book cover
  This reference book outlines the new front suspension adjusting procedure, and the air spring suspension height adjustment. In addition, a new camber-caster specifications chart is provided, together with practical suggestions designed to make your job easier. Front and Rear Suspension Service book cover

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