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  This session covers operation, adjustment, and normal maintenance suggestions on both the swivel and the power seats. Service Tips on Swivel and Power Seats book cover
  Three of the most popular accessories on our new cars are the Transistor-powered radio, the automatic beam changer, and the new Mirror-Matic mirror. These units are being installed on more of our cars every day and service suggestions are outlined in this reference book. Fixin' Facts on Electrical Accessories book cover
  Feel at home with most of the new distributor changes with this reference book which covers all the improvements plus service procedures you'll find useful in your daily work. The New Distributor - by Chrysler Corporation book cover
  This reference book covers what's new and spells out maintenance, test, and diagnostic information to help you see that each unit works in the way it is designed to perform. 1959 Air Conditioning Service book cover
  This reference book covers all the new features, and spells out what to do when adjustments may be needed. Besides that, you'll find useful tips on how to correct conditions similar to those you've discovered on brakes you have been servicing on past models. The New 3-Platform Brakes book cover
  The information in this reference book- covers thorough tune-up work, especially for summer driving". The usual items - valves, points, plugs, timing, and carburetion – are briefly covered, along with some extra touches. Summer Tune-up Tips book cover
  This reference book outlines all the differences in design , explains up-to-the-minute improvements, and spells out the service procedures affected on the new Torque-Flite Transmission. New TorqueFlite Transmission book cover
  This reference book covers ring replacement practices applicable in V-8 engines. It tells you what to do, why, when, and how for best results. Some of the most-often overlooked precautions are also spelled out so you can avoid needless loss. Piston Ring Service book cover
  This reference book offers information on valve and bearing reconditioning on V-8 engines. Step-by-step operations on a typical engine job are outlined with all the procedures and specifications that apply. Valve and Bearing Service book cover
  Provides highlights of all the features of the 1960 "P" series models. Features of the 1960
  Introducing the new 6-cylinder engines, the inclined OHV 6-cylinder power plant represents a real first in passenger car design and a terrific advance in automotive engineering. The New 6 Cylinder OHV Engine book cover
  Introducing the A-904 TorqueFlite automatic transmission, this reference book outlines all that's new in design and operation, and covers new service procedures that apply. The A-904 TorqueFlite Automatic Transmission book cover

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