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  The 1960 models feature several improvements in suspension and steering system design, as well as in new body construction, it will pay to review the service procedures that have been affected. Suspension and Front-end Alignment Features - 1960 Models book cover
  Tune-up is easy to do as long as you follow the prescribed procedure outlined in this reference book. Each step must be performed carefully, and in its proper sequence. What, when, and how to make these adjustments is spelled out in detail. This book also contains a description of the new Valiant brakes, how they operate, and how they should be maintained.   Ram Induction Fuel System and Valiant Brakes book cover
  The alternator is simply a generator that develops AC or alternating current which is changed to DC current before it reaches the output terminal. As far as service is concerned, it is easier to service the alternator than it is to service the conventional generator. Studying this Session you'll find that it is a pretty simple piece of mechanism that responds to normal service procedures just like anything else. Alternator Service book cover
  The Holley 4-barrel carburettor is new to some of us, but it does the same basic job that other carburettors do. Therefore, it has certain adjustments that may need to be inspected and corrected, and the same accurate work is required. This reference book describes the Holley 4-barrel carburettor; the various systems involved are explained. Adjustments that can be made are also described, as well as some service conditions and recommended corrective procedures. The Holley Four-Barrel Carburettor book cover
  This reference book outlines several suggestions on door and window alignment, along with helpful tips on door lock service. Body Service - Doors, Locks and Windows book cover
  Improvements have been made in the design of the manual steering gear used on cars to provide not only easier operation, but easier and more positive alignment and servicing as well. This reference book covers the new features and servicing procedures to follow to get best results. Steering Service Tips for 1960 book cover
  This reference book covers tips on aligning the suburban tailgate, the tailgate glass, adjusting the latch mechanisms and the seats, along with some useful sealing suggestions on convertibles. Suburban and Convertible Body Service book cover
  This reference book outlines the new adjusting procedures applicable to total-contact brakes, explains the new improved parking brake release mechanism, and covers a revised method of adjusting the parking brake cable. Brake System Service book cover
  This reference book gives us a chance to stay a jump ahead by highlighting most of the 1961 features, and some of the service procedures affected. Features of the 1961 Models book cover
  Servicing gauges is now a cinch. This reference book gives the complete story on testing the gauges, using the new thermal-type gauge tester. It also has removal and installation information. Instrument Panel Service book cover
  This Reference Book calls attention to those conditions most frequently reported by owners during cold-weather operation. It is intended to serve as a reminder to technicians, so they will pay close attention to the work done in preparing the car for cold-weather operation, and to help them in the proper diagnosis and correction of conditions which may develop in cars which were not properly prepared for cold-weather operation. Cold-Weather Operation book cover
  This session covers the adjusting procedures applied to a number of control assemblies for the operation of such units as the transmission, steering gear and parking lock. Servicing Operating Controls book cover

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