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  This reference book provides field-tested answers that eliminate guesswork and needless loss when you are called upon to correct certain engine conditions: It tells you what to do, and how and when to do it, to get the best engine performance. Engine Service Tips Models book cover
  Information outlined in this reference book can help you to quickly and correctly diagnose any steering or suspension troubles encountered and make the necessary repairs at the lowest possible cost. Steering and Suspension Service Tips book cover
  This Reference Book supplements information contained in regular service manuals and bulletins. It provides diagnosis information on the refrigeration part of the air-conditioning system. Air Conditioning Diagnosis book cover
  This session deals with the diagnosis and correction of unusual total-contact brake problems. The Holley Four-Barrel Carburettor book cover
  The purpose of this Tech Reference Book is to provide up-to-date information on engine oil control. It covers two equally important aspects of oil consumption. First, it will help you do a better job of determining whether or not a car actually does need rings. Second, it gets down to brass tacks on the subject of re-ring service and comes up with important information that will help you do a top-notch ring job. Engine Oil Control book cover
  This book is loaded with answers to unusual conditions that pop up unexpectedly read this copy of the reference book now and be prepared. Body Service Adjustments book cover
  This session deals with customer service and satisfaction. The Boss of Main Street book cover
  The most common manual transmission complaint and at times the most elusive to track down, comes under the general heading of "noise in the transmission". Here are some general rules-of-thumb to guide you in diagnosing these problems. Manual Transmission Service book cover
  Progress means change and the '62 models are no exception. The information in this reference book will make your job easier because it'll quickly acquaint you with the changes that will affect the servicing these new cars. What's New for '62 book cover
  The new ServoContact brakes feature a new automatic brake adjuster mechanism, factory-installed as standard equipment on all four wheels. Bonded brake linings are used. And for protection against road splash, the design incorporates a very efficient water seal. Brake and Transmission Service book cover
  The diagnosis and testing tips in this Reference Book will help you perform electrical circuit diagnosis. Electrical Circuit Diagnosis book cover
  The new gear-reduction Chrysler-built cranking motor is quite a feature. It represents a major improvement in cranking motor design. Progress means change and change call for additional service know-how. Do not try servicing one of these new cranking motors before you've boned up on these differences. Alternating and Cranking Motor book cover

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