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  Winter is a troublesome time of year. It is a season when extra effort really pays off big! One way to do this is by attention to little details - details like those in this Reference Book. Seasonal Service Suggestions book cover
  This reference book covers both usual and unusual door and glass conditions. You will find time-saving tips on door sealing, locating and correcting wind noise, and adjusting door and rear quarter glass. You'll also find answers to some unusual conditions that pop up unexpectedly. Body Service Clinic book cover
  Everyone in the shop should have a better understanding of the factors which affect the way a car steers and handles and front-end alignment is the measurement and adjustment of those things which affect steering and handling. Steering Geometry and Gears book cover
  This session covers vehicle safety and servicing tips. Countdown to Safety book cover
  You will also find some good practical troubleshooting diagnosis and adjustment tips in this book. They will help you do an expert job of servicing the new air conditioning unit. Air Conditioned Car Comfort book cover
  There is very little new or revolutionary in this Master Tech Session. For the most part, it is a review on things you already know, but it should help you. The Master Touch book cover
  Take time to read the simplified approach to TorqueFlite diagnosis recommended in this Reference Book. We are sure you will agree that there is more than one way to skin a transmission problem. TorqueFlite Diagnosis book cover
  This session deals with customer satisfaction. The Extra Pinch book cover

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