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  Since these new models are completely different, a major portion of this reference book is devoted to glass adjustments. Generally speaking, the mechanical changes are not as numerous. Only those which have a direct bearing on your job of servicing the new models will be covered in this issue.   1963 Model Preview book cover
  Among other things, it covers the all-new Valiant and Dart heaters. And heaters for other models have not been forgotten. There are many timely service tips on all the 1963 heaters. This includes the heating system of air conditioned cars, too. Many of these "hot" tips also apply to earlier models. Heater Service Tips book cover
  This Tech session will give all of you an excellent chance to brush up on automotive electricity. The more thoroughly you understand electrical fundamentals, the better prepared you'll be to handle new electrical units and circuits as fast as they're introduced. Fundamentals of Electricity and Magnetism book cover
  In electrical troubleshooting it is important to know which units are included in the circuit being tested and whether these units are connected in series or in parallel. Sometimes it is also important to know whether or not the circuit you are testing is in parallel with some other circuit. Electrical Diagnosis book cover
  Study the Reference Book so you'll know and understand present-day oils and lubrication requirements.   Lubrication Service book cover
  There is nothing too complicated about servicing Chrysler Corporation's Servo-Contact brakes. However, they do differ from our previous brakes in design and service procedures. This Reference Book will give you the latest word on 1963 brakes.   Servo-Contact brakes book cover
  This reference book is mostly about carburetion but it also has a lot of common-sense ideas that should help all of you do a better job of telling when to suspect the carburetor and when to keep "HANDS OFF". Carburetion and Performance Diagnosis book cover
  Among the time-saving tips in this Reference Book is a new and faster procedure for establishing differential bearing preload and ring gear backlash. This information could easily save you more time on every rear-end job than it takes you to read about it!   Valiant and Dart Rear Axle Service book cover
  Two facts constitute the best reason we can think of for coming up with this Reference Book on convertible top and body service.   Servicing the Convertible book cover
  So study this book and find out all about loading and heavy-duty service.   Heavy Duty Options book cover
  This 1963 Model Service Digest is a collection of the most important and helpful things we've learned about servicing these models. It's the kind of information that will come in handy as long as you have a ' 63 to service. Many of the points discussed in this issue are covered in more detail in previous issues. To make it easier to locate information in past issues of the reference books for this model year, you'll find a cumulative table of contents on the back cover of this issue.   1963 Model Service Digest cover
  Session on customer care   Customer Care - Helps Protect the Investment book cover

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