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  In many cases, the new features require slightly different service procedures or adjustment specifications. Among other things, you'll find carburetion and ignition changes that promote quicker, more reliable starting under all conditions. And many drive-train components have new features for greater durability. Then there's a big, entirely new 426-cubic-inch engine and a sporty four-speed gearbox to consider, too. What's In Store For Sixty-Four book cover
  Read this reference book and use it as a guide for first-class pre-delivery inspection and service. The little extra effort it takes will pay big dividends. Pre-Delivery Inspection and Service book cover
  Behind the trim panels there are new operating mechanisms. This reference book has the details of what's new, plus the Where, How and Why of adjusting the new glass mechanisms. You'll also find the answers too many other body service problems, like removing or installing rear window glass, for example. Body Service Tips book cover
  A look at hydraulic fundamentals and basic theory behind it. Hydraulics Fundamentals book cover
  Understanding what each hydraulic unit is designed to do will help you use road and pressure test clues to pinpoint the most probable cause of trouble. Read this reference book and you will have a better understanding of TorqueFlite hydraulics after the reading of it. Torqueflite Hydraulics book cover
  This new engine bears a strong "family resemblance" to our other V-8's. That's because it has many of the best features of our other engines-features proved in millions of miles of actual service. So this new power plant should seem quite familiar to you, right from the start. And with the service tips and specifications in this reference book, you'll be able to keep this new V-8 performing like the Chrysler-built thoroughbred it is. V-8 Valiant and Dart book cover
  This MTSC reference book explains how the refrigeration system works in plain language. It also explains how to tell whether the trouble is in the refrigeration system or not. If the trouble is in the refrigeration system, the book tells you not only how to make the tests, but just exactly what you are testing and what the test tells you. Best of all, it explains a new way of testing the expansion valve and compressor performance that's both fast and easy. Air Conditioning book cover
  The information in this book will help you in two ways. It will guide you in correcting hard starting complaints. It will also serve as a reminder of the items that deserve attention during periodic preventive maintenance. In either case, it adds up to dependable starting every time. Dependable Starting - Every Time! book cover
  Bone up on the information in this reference book so you'll be prepared to service the new A100 compacts. Compact Truck Service book cover
  System pressures have increased and fan speeds and designs have changed. These and many other changes have steadily increased the need and importance of cooling system maintenance and service. Keep it Cool book cover
  An important part of brake know-how is knowledge of fundamentals. This reference book explains how the servo contact brakes work, goes into diagnosing brake problems, and ends up with service tips and precautions. Brake Service Digest cover
  When this reference book was started, the intention was to hit as many hazardous conditions as could be fitted into it. Well, it turns out that the book ought to be at least ten times as long to hit all the hazards. The Hazard Club - Automotive Shop Safety book cover

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