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  You will find this reference book deals primarily with mechanical changes. Future MTSC sessions will give you more detailed information on servicing the new models. The 1965 Models book cover
  The information in this session will be important to every Technician sooner or later. You'll find some brand-new accessories and circuits, as well as some review material on equipment carried over from previous models. Electrical Accessories, Circuits and Service book cover
  The emphasis is on seasonal services that are frequently neglected, sometimes misunderstood or occasionally improperly performed. Tech takes time to explain what is important and why it is important in preventing or correcting winter-season starting and performance problems. Winter Season Service book cover
  This reference book covers the glass adjustments on the new "curved glass" models. You'll also find some hints on convertible top service adjustments. The new top linkage is really quite simple to service, if you know where to start. Finally, there are some tips on servicing the windshield glass that can save a lot of time and trouble. Body Service book cover
  Steering-column alignment is very important since any interference or misalignment in the steering system affects both steering effort and returnability. The information on this important part of steering-column service will help you diagnose and correct steering problems traceable to the steering column. Steering Column Service book cover
  What you will find here is a method of tracing sounds in the areas of tires and propeller shafts, and some of the things you can do to get rid of the annoyances. At the end of the book you'll find some new specifications for checking the universal joint angles. They're different for the various Chrysler models. You'll discover, too, some ways of separating one type of sound from another, to keep you from hunting in the wrong places. Wheels, Tires and Prop Shaft book cover
  Many past model special tools are just as useful on current cars as they are on the ones they were originally designed for. So take good care of your tools and equipment, keep them handy and above all, use them. Tools of Trade book cover
  There's a description of the air distribution and control systems on each of the units, and some service tips on how to avoid or correct trouble. Finally, you'll find some new information that you'll want to add to your 1965 Air Conditioning Manual. Air Conditioning book cover
  Take time to bone up on the subject of roadability and handling so you'll be prepared to answer their questions and take care of their problems. Roadability And Handling book cover
  This reference book takes you inside the transmission and introduces you to all the gears, shift mechanisms and shafts. The film covers the power flow for each gear range so you'll have a clear understanding of which gears and parts are involved every time gears are shifted. It also takes time to explain the operation of the synchronizer mechanisms so you'll be better equipped to diagnose synchronizer problems. The book deals with the shift linkage ... from the shift forks inside the transmission to the shift lever in the passenger compartment. This includes an explanation of the interlock between the 1-2 and the 3-4 shifters. It also explains the reverse idler and the reverse shifter as well as the unique mechanical interlock device used between the 1-2 shifter and the reverse shifter. 4-Speed Manual Transmission book cover
  This reference book describes some of the running changes on the 1965 models and a procedure for tracing those elusive wind noises we run into occasionally. There are some tips on air-conditioning service, too. It's the kind of useful information that will come in mighty handy until you've serviced the last of the 1965's. '65 Service Roundup book cover

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