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  This reference book deals primarily with mechanical changes. Future MTSC sessions will give you more detailed information on servicing the new models. Sixty-Six Service Preview book cover
  This reference book describes the operation of the two disc brake systems available in 1966. Although the principles of operation of the two systems are very similar, there are some structural differences that vary servicing procedures. Disc Brakes book cover
  A certain amount of practical theory will help you understand modern electrical circuits, units and accessories so that you'll be much better prepared to diagnose and correct electrical troubles. Electrical Fundamentals book cover
  As you become more familiar with the workings of a car’s electrical system, you will be able to think-through the different circuits to locate trouble rather than poking around the hope you will hit the cause by chance. Electrical Diagnosis book cover
  As with any other device, diagnosis and servicing of carburettors is a hit and miss proposition unless you have some knowledge of what is happening inside and what is supposed to be happening. Once you know what goes on and why it goes on, you will be equipped to tackle even the toughest jobs. Carburetor Fundamentals book cover
  You now know there is more to all those rods, levers and valves than meets the eye . . . so we will try to cover the major “question” areas by explaining how carburettor systems are interrelated by their linkage, and why this linkage must be accurately set and adjusted to get good carburettor operation. More About Carburetors book cover
  Window and weatherstrip fits are important on any body style, and they are at least twice as important on a convertible. Convertible Service book cover
  If you are just starting in on power steering, or need a refresher, you will find plenty of good information on the subject in this book. Power Steering Pointers book cover
  The design changes from the 1965 model were all aimed at making TorqueFlite an even more efficient unit. This session covers the differences between the 1965 and 1966 TorqueFlites as they affect the operation and servicing procedures. The 1966 Torqueflite book cover
  This book explains in detail how our gauge and indicator systems work so you will find it easy to relate cause and effect when you are diagnosing trouble. You will also find some practical trouble-shooting and adjustment tips to help in servicing this equipment. Thermal-Electric Gauges book cover
  The information in this reference book is just the ticket for giving you a good, practical working knowledge of alternators, regulators and the diagnosis of the entire charging system. Alternators And Regulators book cover
  As part of the precision service concept, we are furnished with specifications, tolerances and clearances. But before we can use these specifications we must be able to measure precisely. This is the purpose of this reference book; to present some of the precision tools used in automotive service and to explain their use and care. Precision- A Measure of Quality book cover

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