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  This book is about the development and use of seals and gaskets. You will find some installation hints along with some precautions that can help you to avoid damaging a seal or gasket during installation. Service Features for '67 book cover
  In the book you will find a quick rundown on the service procedures and precautions for the impact-absorbing column. The special tools required and their correct usage are described, along with the details of installing the column in the car. '67 Steering Column Service book cover
  It will take an understanding of how these units work to do a good job of servicing and troubleshooting the tandem master cylinder hydraulic system. There's nothing in the new brake system that will give you any trouble if you take the time to read this reference book and find out what dual brakes are all about. Dual Hydraulic Brake System book cover
  You will find that disc brake servicing is easy ... an ordinary lining replacement job takes only a few minutes for each brake. However, you will need a thorough Master Technician's knowledge of these new brakes to do a good overall job of troubleshooting and servicing. '67 Disc Brakes book cover
  This session covers the Holley 4 barrel carburettor, its variations and adjustments and the disassembly and reassembly of the carburettor.   The Holley 4-Barrel Carburetor book cover
  This session looks at rear axles diagnosis and repair.  
  This reference book is filled with information about some of the newer circuits you'll find on the 1967 cars, plus a review of some of the circuits that haven't changed in the last couple of years and how the old and the new are interrelated. Electrical Accessory Circuits book cover
  Most customers depend on you Master Technicians to look after their cars for them ... to spot unsafe conditions and report them before they can cause serious trouble. For Safety's Sake book cover
  Chrysler air-conditioning systems are simple, sturdy and remarkably trouble-free. However as time and mileage take their toll, these systems eventually need some servicing. Air Conditioning Diagnosis book cover
  This book explains in detail how our gauge and indicator systems work so you will find it easy to relate cause and effect when you are diagnosing trouble. You will also find some practical trouble-shooting and adjustment tips to help in servicing this equipment. Seals of Approval book cover
  Master Technicians would better understand the importance of precise servicing adjustments if we took a close look at the complete combustion process in a typical engine of today. Combustion in Today's Engine book cover
  Starting with the introduction of the 1968 models, all automobiles sold in the United States and many of those sold in Canada will be equipped with engine emission control devices. An Introduction to the CAP System book cover

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