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  This reference book is meant to give you a quick rundown on the new components, as well as the engineering improvements to the components that were used on past models. '68 Service Features book cover
  The idling systems of our '68 carburettors are designed to limit the maximum richness of the idle mixture. This lets you adjust the mixture to get the best engine idle operation without exceeding government specification limits for exhaust emission. Carburetor Service Highlights for 1968 book cover
  A session on Auto-Temp somehow seems to be a fitting way to launch the Tech Program on its twenty-first year. The automatic temperature control system is certainly a good example of the ever-increasing complexity of the automobile and the automotive service business. Auto-Temp - Understanding How It Works book cover
  There are other diagnosis considerations to be taken into account. For example, the refrigeration and air distribution systems are practically identical with the standard air conditioning units. They are subject to the same kinds of difficulties, such as loose vacuum hoses and bound linkage. Auto-Temp Diagnosis (Testing It) book cover
  If you've been down this road before most likely you've picked up a few leak-stopping tricks that work in most cases. But, if you've run into some stickers you also know that the problem is not fixing, but finding the leak. Common Sense Body Sealing Diagnosis book cover
  This book includes instructions on the usage of the short finder tool for tracking down shorts in wiring that are not readily accessible. Using the short finder you can find exactly where the wire is shorted out. Electrical Wiring book cover
  The suspension and steering systems are good examples of areas where a general review of servicing procedures can highlight new information and also remind us of important facts which may have faded a with time. Suspension Service Roundup book cover
  No doubt it the spotlight is on vehicle safety and on every Master Technician who has a part in maintaining vehicles in safe operating condition. For Safety's Sake book cover
  With today‚Äôs engines and tighter adjustment tolerances, "trial and error" settings usually cause more trouble than they cure. You save time when you can pinpoint a cause of trouble by accurate diagnosis. Engine Performance Diagnosis book cover
  Engine temperature control and cooling system maintenance becomes increasingly important every year for several reasons. Accessory loads have increased year after year, putting a greater demand on the cooling system. Design changes have been made to speed engine warm-up and at the same time, provide a safe margin or cooling capacity. Even emission control legislation has affected cooling system design. Today's engines do run cleaner and they do warm up faster and run hotter. Engine Temperature Control book cover
  Another defense for diagnosis rests on the fact that testing can locate the causes of many operating irregularities which can be corrected without completely tearing down the transmission. Equally important early diagnosis of off-standard TorqueFlite operation often makes it possible to correct minor conditions before they damage the transmission enough to require overhaul. Torqueflite Testing Tips book cover
  This session looks at extra duty options and service requirements. Extra-Duty Options book cover

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