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  New electrical equipment coverage highlights a combined wiring disconnect and fuse block, an alternator with transistorize voltage control, sequential turn signals and the Super-Lite. Also, the air conditioners for full-size models Now have a better overall arrangement. 69-1 (254) 'Sixty-nine Servicing Highlights book cover
  Power steering diagnosis and repair is not a high volume service item, as a matter of fact the only things that have to be checked periodically are pump drive belt adjustment and power steering fluid level. But nothing is absolutely fool proof and power steering troubles do crop up now and then to tax your diagnosis know-how service skills. Power Steering Pumps & Gears book cover
  Regardless of first impressions, the charging system tests will quickly become routine, and you'll realize something that's true of many things that seem complicated .. . explaining how takes more time than actually doing the job. Charging System Diagnosis book cover
  Our drum-type brakes provide all of the brake power required to stop the car safely under all normal driving conditions. However, disc brakes have operating characteristics that make them attractive to many drivers. This book will introduce you to the newest addition to our family of fine brakes . . . the floating caliper disc brake. Floating Caliper Disc Brakes book cover
  In the new 8 ΒΌ inch axle there are no retainers to unbolt when removing the axle shaft, and no pressed-on bearing cones or collars to slow the action. Axle end-play adjustment is gone, as are the adjusting shims for setting pinion bearing preload. Servicing the 8-quarter-Inch Axle book cover
  The biggest and most important changes from the standpoint of engine performance have been in the area of service specifications. Ignition timing, distributor calibration, spark plug type and heat range for example, have become increasingly important and in some instances, quite critical, As a result, there is no room for guesswork when servicing the ignition system. Ignition System Analysis book cover
  Generally speaking routine brake servicing is a relatively simple job. As you know replacing worn linings, installing new hydraulic parts or refinishing drums are everyday operations which will take care of most brake problems. Drum Brake Service Highlights book cover
  This session is mostly about the external adjustments and services that are essential to the correct operation of the Carter BBD carburettors. Double-barreled Carburetor Facts book cover
  Don't let the four-barrel carb scare you. Just because it has twice as many barrels doesn't mean that it is twice as complicated. The problems and causes are basically the same as the two-barrels, although the remedies and physical adjustments may be a little different. Finer Points Of Four-barrels book cover
  Obviously there is more to air conditioning service than charging the system and fixing leaks, but like other unfamiliar service operations once the strangeness wears off, the whole thing becomes routine. Air Conditioning Diagnosis - Refrigeration book cover
  The only special equipment you will need to diagnose and service the controls is a good understanding of how all the vacuum and electrical control units work. Air-Conditioning Diagnosis - The Controls book cover
  I hope this reference book will fill you in on what is happening to the performance market. Performance is the Name of the Game book cover

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