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  All models now have a steering column lock that gives greater security along with a reminder if the key is left behind. Also you’ll be pleased to find that an improved version of the electronic voltage regulator introduced last year is now standard across the board. The 1970 Service Roundup book cover
  Knowing what's inside the new steering columns and how the steering lock and shift interlock mechanisms work will help you understand why shift linkage adjustment affects the ignition key operation. If you run into a case where the ignition key can’t be turned to "Lock" position, don't blame the steering column or lock cylinder, instead check the shift linkage adjustment. Steering Column & Shift Linkages book cover
  Shock absorbers are probably one of the most misunderstood components of an automobile. Although it is not a complicated part, most people just don’t understand what the shock absorber does or how it does the job it’s supposed to do. This reference book will give you the complete story on shock absorber function and what’s more important, how to test and service them. Shock Absorber Facts book cover
  With the introduction of the 1970 Isolated Field Alternator and Electronic Voltage Regulator, there are now three different types of Chrysler-built alternators in use. They all fit the same mounting brackets on the engine, but you can' t interchange them because they are different electrically. The 1970 Alternator and Regulator book cover
  This session and the one to follow are all about emission control. Let's Keep It Clean book cover
  Last month's session was all about design improvements in the 1970 engines to insure cleaner combustion and reduced exhaust emissions. Everything but the heated air intake and the evaporation control systems was covered. These two systems are a very important part of the overall effort Chrysler Corporation is making to control exhaust and fuel vapour emissions. Heated Air Intake and 'Vapor Saver' book cover
  In any case, whether the cause of wind noise hits you in the eye or is less obvious, it can take time to pin down. This session is intended to help you find the troublemaker quicker and easier by using simple visual and sound tests. Wind Noise and Air Leaks book cover
  You will be better qualified to handle carburettor diagnosis and service if you have a clear understanding of the fundamentals of carburetion. It is particularly important that you understand the function of each of the carburetion systems and auxiliary control devices. This knowledge will help you appreciate the critical nature of carburetor adjustment and provide a sound basis for diagnosing and correcting carburetion problems. Carburetion Fundamentals and Facts book cover
  This month's session covers the complete "how it works" story on the latest Chrysler brake hydraulic systems - both drum and disc. If you understand the fundamentals, it's easier to follow the diagnosis and service tips that are included in this reference book . Brake Hydraulics book cover
  Most technicians can follow the step-by-step instructions in the service manual with little knowledge of operating principles. However the whole thing is much easier when you know for example, that a sticky valve spool can cause self-steering. All of which is your cue to make full use of the service diagnosis information provided in your Service Manuals and the contents of this reference book. Power Steering Fundamentals book cover
  Now, it's a fact that we have three different wiper motors and windshield wiping systems on our current model cars. If you understand how each of these work and use the troubleshooting ideas Tech has worked into this session, you too can be a windshield wiper expert. Windshield Wipers book cover
  Part I of this dual session tells you how quiet running gears are assured by carefully determining the thickness of the pinion depth adjusting spacer before the axle is assembled and installed in the car at the factory. Even the gear sets that are sent to the dealers as replacement parts are marked to eliminate any guesswork when you have to replace a gear set. Rear Axle - Part I (Gears and Sounds) book cover

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