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  This session starts with a review of axle and gear noise diagnosis, including some new material which should be helpful in deciding whether the axle gears are the source of the noise. Rear Axle Part II - Diagnosis & Service book cover
  This session reviews the highlights of the relationship between the shift valves, the throttle valve and the kickdown valve. It also explains the operation of the full-throttle kickdown and the part-throttle downshift. Once you are equipped with this knowledge, you'll do a better job of adjusting external TorqueFlite linkages because you'll understand what you are doing and why. The last two sections tell you how to adjust throttle and shift linkages and how to avoid common mistakes which result in incorrect adjustment and poor shift quality. Shift Quality & Linkage Adjustment book cover
  Keeping the engine from overheating is only half the job of the cooling system. It's just as important for the cooling system to maintain a minimum temperature as well as a maximum. This month's session provides a general review of how an engine generates heat and how the cooling system works to get rid of it and to maintain the best temperature range. It will also bring you up to date on the latest design changes that affect engine temperature and the latest components to effectively control engine temperature. Controlling Engine Temperature book cover
  You will find this Session on Auto- Temp II a good example of the step-by-step approach. We divide the system into sections to explain the separate functions of the parts, and then combine the sections to tell how the whole system works. We also assume that most Master Technicians are already experienced in servicing our Manual Control Air Conditioning System, so the coverage does not go into detail on the heating, cooling and air distribution parts shared by both systems. Auto Temp II book cover
  It is high time we brought ourselves up to date on the correct diet for today's cars and trucks. That's what this month's Reference Book is all about. Fuels, Lubricant and Fluids book cover
  In the last few years, automotive safety has been a newsworthy item as much as the moon shot, ecology, and the economy. And that's what this month's session is all about . . . safety. Safety's No Accident book cover
  Preliminary testing also makes it possible to compare transmission operation before and after any servicing so you can tell whether you have corrected the trouble. In fact, you should know how the transmission performs before any work is started because, in some cases, repair or adjustment may produce a different, unsatisfactory condition instead of clearing up the original trouble. Torqueflite Diagnosis book cover
  Half of this Reference Book is devoted to the Plymouth Cricket ... the other half to the Dodge Colt. Both of these new sub-compacts are fine additions to Chrysler Corporation's complete line of fine cars and trucks. They have both been proven by several million miles of exhaustive driving and road tests under a wide range of climatic conditions. Plymouth Cricket & Dodge Colt book cover
  This month's session will deal with service situations that can lead to comebacks or repeat themselves prematurely if the problem is not diagnosed to find the cause of the condition. I hope that it will make you Technicians aware of the fact that although parts do wear out, many times there is another condition that is the prime factor contributing to the service job that the car has been brought in for. Obviously, if you think beyond the job at hand and logically analyse each job, and be sure to not only repair the condition, but the cause as well, your chances of a comeback or repeat condition will virtually be eliminated. Cure the Cause book cover
  To help you sort out the changes which have taken place in the process of developing the Cleaner Air System of today, and to prepare you for things to come, this session reviews Chrysler Corporation emission control from its beginning to the present. Evolution of the Cleaner Air System book cover
  This Master Tech session is about the Borg-Warner automatic transmission used in Chrysler Corporation's sub-compact cars. This Reference Book doesn't attempt to tell you how to diagnose shift troubles or how to overhaul a Borg-Warner transmission . . . both the Colt and the Cricket Service Manuals do a good job of covering troubleshooting and repair. Instead, this Tech session is devoted to explaining how an automatic transmission works. In addition, it covers the very important external transmission linkage adjustments. Sub-Compact Automatic transmission book cover
  The film for this month's Master Tech session revolved around a general manager who is retiring from the dealership and is asked to say a few words at his retirement dinner. If you haven't guessed it by now, the character in the film is fictitious. The story that he relates of how he progressed from an all-around helper to General Manager was simply a vehicle to touch all bases within a dealership regarding what they can do as individuals, and collectively, to improve customer relations through customer care. Mr. Tony's Tale - Customer Care book cover

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