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  Over the past several years, emission control on Chrysler Corporation vehicles has evolved from a simple crankcase ventilation system into a sophisticated, multi-unit system which is integrated with the engine and its ignition, carburetion, fuel and exhaust systems. Cleaner Air System Highlights book cover
  The objective of this Reference Book is to explain why each carburettor adjustment is important and to point out what kind of performance and starting problems can occur if each adjustment is not correct. The text covers the new choke and choke heater as well as the 1 ΒΌ" BBD carburettor. The 1973 BBD 1and a quarter inch Carburetor book cover
  Today, modern solid-state devices and advanced electronic circuitry have practically eliminated the radio as a major source of trouble, so the need to remove or open the radio should be way down on the priority list when troubleshooting. Radio And Sound System Troubleshooting book cover
  The objective of this reference book is to orient the technician to the air flow, temperature control and mode selection principles used with this new system. An understanding of exactly what should happen for every mode selected will provide the technician with the working knowledge he will need to diagnose and service the system. 1973 Valiant And Dart Air Conditioning book cover
  Today, the friendly folks at "MIDNIGHT AUTO SUPPLY" would make short work of adding the Indian blanket to their collection of radios, tape players, trinkets, cars, and all the other items they manage to gather in their line of work. 1973 Electronic Security System book cover
  Actually, starting today's cars is not complicated but simply must be done in a certain way. It all boils down to the fact that engines and equipment have changed and as a result, we have to change our car-starting and driving habits accordingly. Getting Them Started book cover
  Air pollution, smog and exhaust emissions have been very much in the news for several years now. Unfortunately, very few people fully understand these problems or what it takes to solve them. Exhaust Emissions & Driveability book cover
  Take brake reconditioning for instance - the 1971 Service Manual is probably referred to for information more than the 1973 Service Manual. The 1971 models have been driven for thousands of miles and the brake linings are ready for replacement. So, rather than discuss the 1973 brake systems in great detail, let's backtrack a few years and recap some of the things you're more likely to run across during a normal workday on past models. Brake Reconditioning book cover
  The electrical components, of course, have their own operating and servicing stories. Fortunately for the trouble shooter, general circuit characteristics and circuit testing procedures remain essentially the same as in the past; there are just more circuits involved. Understanding Electrical Systems book cover
  This is a follow-up on Session 73-9, Understanding Electrical Systems. One of the reasons why many mechanics hesitate to tackle electrical problems is because they don't understand electrical test tools and meters. The objective of this session is to make sure you understand how the test tools and meters available in most service departments work and how to use them. Electrical Circuit Troubleshooting book cover
  There are many good reasons for using electronic components . . . primarily, they perform well, have excellent service life, and occasional malfunctions are relatively easy to diagnose and service. Electronic Ignition Diagnosis book cover
  In general, transmission testing before internal work is performed should be a routine procedure. That way, you can verify the reported trouble and establish a basis for comparing transmission operation before and after repairs or adjustments are made. In fact, your after-service comparison may turn up other unsatisfactory characteristics which were not originally present, so don't pass up this important source of troubleshooting information. Torqueflite Testing and Diagnosis book cover

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