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  New emission control requirements.  
  This Session covers adjustment procedures for door glass, and coverage on the heated rear window which is available on intermediate "Station Wagon" this year. 1975 Intermediate Model Body Highlights book cover
  The need for more cranking power has also increased with the engine changes, lean mixtures, and altered ignition timing requirements of emission controls. We now have a new 1.8 horsepower starter motor which produces 20 percent more power than previous models. This new starter on larger displacement models turns the engine faster to make starting easier and more reliable.   Servicing Chrysler's 100 Amp Alternator & 1.8hp Starter Motor book cover
  The new A-390 is relatively simple to overhaul, especially so if you have had some prior transmission experience. For those of you who have not yet had any such practical work experience, this training session and Reference Book also will help to clear up any misunderstanding. The New A-390 Three-Speed Manual Transmission book cover
  Sounds and Vibrations  
  Engine temperature control  
  Maintaining a passenger car at an almost level position when loaded beyond the three passenger limit (two in front and one in the rear) is something engineers have worked on for many, many years. The New A-390 Three-Speed Manual Transmission book cover
  Customer Assurance  
  Understanding Vacuum Systems  
  The Air Conditioning Compressor  
  Body Sealing  
  Adjustments for Effective Emission Control  

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