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  Aspen and Volaré Highlights  
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  Although lock cylinder service and repair is a new skill that you can add to your technical knowledge, you'll find it simple enough . . . even if you've never had any experience with locks in the past. Servicing Chrysler's 100 Amp Alternator & 1.8hp Starter Motor book cover
  In reviewing this Reference Book and the film, you'll see how simple wheel alignment really is. And, with a little "hands on" experience under the guidance of your shop's wheel expert, you'll soon be an expert yourself! Alignment Simplified book cover
  There's no great mystery about the new Electronic Lean Burn System. But, of course, since this new ignition system controls the spark timing of the engine electronically within a spark control computer, there is a certain amount of basic theory that must be understood in order to grasp the system's principles of operation and basic functions. Inside the Electronic Lean-Burn System book cover
  Diagnosing Electronic Lean-Burn System Performance  
  Aspen and Volaré Air Conditioning Air Flow Controls  
  Air Conditioning Performance Tests  
  New Propane Assisted Idle Adjustment  
  Power Steering Checks and Adjustments  
  Hydraulic Fundamentals  

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