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  The pre-removal diagnosis procedure covered in this session concerns transmissions which are fully operable but with the owner having a shift quality, shift timing, or transmission slippage complaint. Torqueflite Transmission Pre-Removal Diagnosisbook cover
  Using the Lean Burn System Analyzer  
  LeBaron and Diplomat Technical Highlights  
  In the interest of reducing collision damage to body parts, lights, and radiator grilles, federal and state regulations require bumpers to be uniform in height and able to withstand low-speed impacts without damage. Impact Energy Absorbing Bumper System book cover
  Sound System Diagnosis and Repair  
  Road Ready' Body Checks and Adjustments  
  Brake System Diagnosis Highlights  
  Holley 228 Carburetor Service  
  Servicing the Sankyo Compressor  
  Omni - Horizon Technical Features  

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