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Technical . . . . articles, repair guidance etc. to help you in maintaining, repairing or servicing your Valiant.

The list below gives you links to technical articles and information about Valiants from the R series up to and including the VG. Where possible the technical information is provided as a download (pdf). Some links are more general in nature but should have relavance to classic car restoring or maintenance. For workshop manuals or Illustrated Parts Catalogue (IPC) check out our manuals pages. If you know of an article which is not listed please email us us so we can include the details.

While most of the links below are to free sources of information some are to sites selling guides or products





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Air Conditioning For Slant Six Valiants

Air con is pretty rare for a Slant 6 Val - installing a system is fiddly, but it can be done. Factory air conditioning for a slant six Valiant was fitted as an option only on the VF model

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3D Draw Your Car

How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy is a 134 page car drawing guide in downloadable e-book format, jam-packed from cover to cover with all the tips and techniques  
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The differences between an "R" and an "S"

When people look at 1962 Valiants, they see cars which look pretty much the same. That's true, to a degree, but there are many little differences between the 2 models - the R Series and the S Series - that many people would not readily notice. Whilst the general shape of the cars is pretty much the same, there are a great many details which differentiate an "R" from an "S".

Here is a compilation of the many differences between the 2 - some easily noticeable, others not so easy.

Information logo Buying A Car Thinking of buying a new or new to you car? Read this article. It has some practicle tips and might give you some ideas about how to get into a luxury car for the cost of a small new model.  
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Clay is like a bar of soap, and rather than think of a lump of clay, think of it as a big bar of "Blue-tac" or "Glue-tac" or whatever that stuffs called. It's like plasticine. You have to use it in conjunction with another of their products called "Quick Detailer", which is basically a spray on polish that you use in between the proper polish you give your car, to bring back it's shine............

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Digitally Customise Your Car

Learn how to virtually colour your car, try out new paint jobs, see how those new wheels will look before you buy them, make body modifications without expense of working on the car - will it look right? See the changes first digitally.  
Information logo Classic Car Restoration A-Z A proven step by step method that can be followed with simplicity and ease to restore your classic car. An A-Z guide to help you through the entire restoration process, from engine repair to bodywork and learning how you can present your car in the best possible way to help you bring home a trophy at the next car show!  
Information logo Learn Body Repair and Repraying Learn how to create show-car quality body repairs, modifications and paint jobs. Learn how to repair minor dents and bumps without having to fill and respray. Learn how to spray paint with confidence and how to consistantly get a professional quality paint finish on your classic car.  
Information logo Speedy Cables Bespoke speedometers, rev counters and minor car instruments are our speciality and can be made to your specific requirements and design. All work, including printining, is carried out in-house by our team of specialist technicians who have worked in the automotive industry for many years. We are a UK manufacturer of custom instrumentation and undertake repairs and conversions of both electrical and mechanical instruments for all types of vehicles.  
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Should You use L.P.G on your VALIANT

The name give to the mixture of propane and butane gases which, when compressed, change from a gas to a liquid. It's colourless and odourless and the only reason we can smell it is because they add a chemical which makes it smell like rotten cabbages – just so leaks can be detected. It burns easily in air and has a similar energy content to petrol.

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LPG Autogas is the safe, inexpensive way to run your car. Especially as the family budget seems to get more and more stretched! And because AutoGas burns cleaner than other fuels, it significantly reduces greenhouse gas and other harmful emissions.

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Removing the headlight Knob

Many people ask how they can remove the headlight knob without destrying their whole dash fascia. It is quite a simple process IF YOU KNOW HOW!

Technical maintenance logo HOLLEY 390 CFM FOUR BARREL CARBURETOR REPLACEMENT CARBURETOR - MODEL 4160 - P/N 0-8007 Installation and adjustment Instructions; APPLICATIONS: The Model 4160 P/N 0-8007 is calibrated for use on V-6 and small V-8 engines. Download logo
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Decoding the VIN Numbers

Owners of R&S Valiants will have noticed that there are 2 main points of identification on their cars. The first is a stamped number on either the drivers side (right) inner guard, or on the front radiator support panel. The other is in the form of a removable metal plate on the left hand front door pillar. This page is designed to let you know what those numbers mean.

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Polishing Stainless Shiny Bits on your VALIANT

What I have done to the stainless trim on my car is nothing short of a miracle in my books. So I guess in layman’s terms this article is about getting the most out of your decorative trim in the easiest possible way.

Information logo Learn How to Touch Up or Do Complete Resprays Spray Paint Secrets Video Banner  
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Installing Auto's in R & S Series Valiants

I recently converted my column shift, 3 speed manual S Series, to a Push Button Torqueflite. While I could give a lengthy description of how this was done, I won't. Rather, I'll tell you some of the things of importance that I came across during the conversion.

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Transmission Identification Chart

Transmission identification chart, veiw it or download. Table enables you to identify the transmission fitted to your vehicle. Download icon
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Extractor Exhaust For R & S Series Valiants

If you intend putting extractors on your Valiants Slant Six engine, there are some things you should look out for. Firstly, be aware of the different oil filter systems on the cars. While some R and S Valiants had a screw on throw away element that sits down low on the passenger side of the block, others had a steel cannister with a disposable element inside.

Technical maintenance logo Slant Six Forum logo There's No Replacement for Displacement Stroking the Slant-6 Engine Written by Doug Dutra (1996): Edited by Dan Stern (1997): Revised by Doug Dutra (2001)   
Technical maintenance logo Keep your alternative transport going DIYBikeRepair  
Information logo A "Do It Yourself" guide to inspecting a used vehicle Wouldn't you feel more confident about shopping for your next classic if you were armed with a wealth of practical knowledge about how to properly inspect it?

No one wants to spend days or weeks shopping for their next classic only to drive home and discover they overlooked a critical problem during their initial inspection.
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